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Wednesday, July 01, 2015


We purchase surplus wood pallets, metal scrap, baled plastics, baled cardboard and all other recycleable goods. Contact us today for picing and transportation arrangements.


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Industrial Pallet Recycling Programs

Everytime a pallet is recycled 7 times....


A tree is saved.

Welcome to On/Off Logistics

On/Off Logistics is a third party logistics company that provides local, regional, and national customers with a single source solution for pallet management systems, reverse logistics and a management system for all recyclable goods.  These services focus on the provision of on-site or off-site dock management that include pallet sorting or repair and logistics as well as sorting and removal of all other recyclable goods such as scrap metal, baled plastics and baled cardboard.


On/Off Logistics has a flexible national network resulting in a number of ways to source project assets, personnel and equipment quickly.  On/Off Logistics also utilizes a web based software application to assist in optimizing asset velocity.  On/Off Logistics personnel are experts in closed loop/pooled pallets systems and their development and implementation.

Short Term Benefits

  • Fluid communication with onsite staff or offsite management group
  • Rapid response time to pallet and pick up requests
  • Consistent pallet quality and outstanding customer service
  • Save time and money with one company who can handle all of your warehouse, operations and shipping logistic needs
  • Lowered freight costs and logistics management

Long Term Benefit

  • Increase productivity and revenue when you utilize our management programs with our local and nationwide suppliers and partners

    National Service Centers

    On/Off Logistics has 150 service centers in the US, providing the ability to accommodate any size project regionally and nationally. Our affiliate service centers are strategically located and convenient to most major cities!


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